International Workshop on Blockchain and Smart Contract

With demonstrated potentials for financial and business applications, blockchain and smart contract are considered as theenabling techniques for a new fringe economy on the Internet.They introduced challenges to many areas including distributed storage and data management, security, reliability, scalability, and software architecture. Novelty inter-disciplinary research and practices are inspired in counter to the challenges including distributed crypto-ledger, consensus protocols, digital ID, decentralized autonomous organization, and policy enforcement. When powered bythe new information infrastructure and trust framework, various Internet applications could be renovated, especially data-intensive applications such as cryptocurrency, digital copyright, healthcare, smart city, executable law, and so on. 
This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners working in software engineering, security, distributed computing, big data, cloud computing, protocol and algorithms as well as applications to share ideas, understandings, and insights of the research problems, results, best practices, and research directions. 

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